Corporate Philosphy


 Quality: Quality is indispensable in these days of intense competition. High quality is the norm and here at Jindal Tapes, we believe in quality that borders excellence. It is what gives us and our products stand out quality.

 Excellence: Excellence is a hard to define word but it is a goal and a path in itself that we pursue because it is the natural law of evolution and progression to perfection.

 Cooperation: Cooperation is what facilitates understanding, pooling of resources and greater collective strength to achieve a common goal. As a company we do not only have cooperation among staff but also with our vendors and customers.

 Service: Service defines a company. It transcends products and profits. This is what customers want and this is what we give in the fullest measure.

 Reliability: Reliability breeds trust and the name Jindal Tapes is synonymous with reliability. It is related not only to our products but also to our way of working, interaction with people and the core of our being.