Jindal Tapes follows a traditional family way of running a business which means each employee of the company is part of a larger family. Still, we hand pick each one for his skill and qualifications as well as ability to harmonize with the others. There is cooperation and collaboration in our teams, oneness of approach and commitment to success. We work for a common goal so that the company prospers and in its prosperity lies the prosperity of team members, each of whom, we acknowledge, is directly responsible for our growth and success.


From the Desk of Director

I would like to put on record my gratitude and appreciation for everyone connected with us for having contributed to our growth and success. From the very beginning we have always made it a point to listen to everyone, even our critics and find truth in their words that will help us introspect and come up with ways to innovate, become better and deliver satisfaction to our customers and stake holders. I hope to have your continued support and welcome suggestions.

The Journey of Excellence:

Small things can matter a lot and this is true of electrical PVC tapes that serve a vital function in the electrical industry. We know just how important it is even though it is a small thing and how it can ensure safety. We also know that back then there were very few manufacturers of electrical PVC tapes who could truly deliver world class products. We aspired to become leaders in this segment. Today, two decades later, we are the number one choice of electrical service industry, power sector and government organizations. Along the way we obtained BSI certification and expanded our production in Delhi and Madhya Pradesh.
The philosophy of a company can be defining. Profit is not what drives us. Yes, profits are necessary for research and development, an integral part of our operations that in turn contribute to development of better products at a lower price that in turn help capture greater market share. We expanded production and automated it because volume production helps us price our products lower without compromising quality. We manufacture PVC insulation electrical tapes that outperform yet cost less, a major reason why they are preferred in Indian and global markets.
Feedback is important for us. We listen to people in our plants manufacturing the products and take their inputs to improve products. We listen to customers and understand what they look for in electrical PVC tapes and add those features. We have our own R&D unit that handles such inputs besides working innovatively for product development. We are not content to rest on our achievements but are always improving and evolving. Jindal Tapes is a company on the upward path to perfection.


With over 35 years of experience in Business, Mr. Sanjeev Jindal was born to a highly affluent Jindal family that was running an industrial house since 1917. Mr. Jindal is a graduate from Delhi University. He has the success of a spectrum of businesses to his credit, this ranges from trading to manufacturing in both India and abroad. He nurtures the Jindal Group with his experience and wisdom and is a pillar of support for both his sons.


A Finance Graduate from the University of Bradford UK and University of California, Mr Ankit Jindal has powered the Jindal Group to great heights of success through his dynamism, forward thinking, acuity and business skills. A seasoned traveller, Mr Ankit Jindal has been instrumental in exploring and setting up a strong presence in overseas markets. He handles overseas markets and spearheads the company's global operations. Knowledgeable and professional and a tireless work fanatic, Mr Jindal also finds time to interact warmly with staff, inspire them and also lead a rounded personal life.


Mr Rakshit Jindal is a fired up, enthusiastic and extremely competent young member of the Jindal family. A qualified management professional from the University of Bradford in the UK, he has the knowledge and practical, hands-on experience in management that keeps our operations ticking over smoothly. In addition to handling manufacturing he also handles management of the local trading activities. An excellent administrator as well, he leads teams of marketing executives and coordinates well with logistics as well as vendors to establish smooth operations. His excellent communication abilities have contributed to establishing strong customer relationships with buyers.